IRS Representation

The. Dreaded. Letter.

Did the IRS send a letter? The letters from the IRS can be scary to see in the mailbox, bring them to NKSK Accounting and we can work on your behalf with the IRS.

Did you file your taxes with another provider that can't offer IRS Representation? Did you use online software that charges extra fee's for "Audit Protection?" Our fee's are reasonable and you don't pay until the job is done, with a price up front.

Unenrolled Preparers

Did you know anyone can prepare tax returns, however, unenrolled preparers only have limited representation rights before the Internal Revenue Service? When filing your taxes; make sure your preparer is an enrolled preparer or a professional preparer (Attorney, Certified Public Accountant or Enrolled Agent). If they are not an enrolled preparer, they only receive limited representation rights and may not be able to fully represent your return before the Internal Revenue Service in the case of an audit.